Class Action Lawsuits

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A class action lawsuit is a case filed against a defendant by a group of people with similar injuries caused by the same product, action, or practice. In a class action, one or more class representatives bring their claims on behalf of the entire group of similarly injured people.

Often, the basis of a class action is a defective product, illegal corporate practice, or illegal pay practice.

There are many benefits to filing and participating in a class action lawsuit, including:

  • Smaller injuries: If a group of people suffer (relatively) minor injuries or financial harm, it might be too expensive to pursue an individual lawsuit. However, when combined with other individuals who suffered similar injuries or harm, the value of the claims adds up and allows for effective prosecution.
  • Impractical Litigation: Because a class action lawsuit brings together multiple claims at once, the process is much more efficient. The costs of bringing the case is shared amongst the many class members instead of just one claimant.
  • Cost-Savings: Because the litigation is combined, the cost of litigation is greatly reduced in a class action. The same experts, witnesses, and documents can be used once, rather than hundreds or even thousands of times.

Active Cases and Cases We Are Investigating

Typical Class Action Claims

There are many issues that are well-suited to class action lawsuits. Some of the most common class action claims include:

  • Wage & Overtime Claims: If an employer attempts to break the law or circumvent regulations in an effort to cut costs, employees often suffer the most. In many instances, employers will misclassify employees as exempt from overtime, or violate lunch break or minimum wage regulations. Employees who have been impacted by these types of practices may be eligible to file an individual or class action lawsuit for lost wages, overtime, and penalty damages. Learn more.
  • Consumer Claims: In addition to defective products, consumers often suffer when corporations engage in fraudulent practices, so that a product or service does not perform as advertised. For example, when banks over charge customers for late fees, or debt collectors harass or intimidate debtors. In these instances, an individual or class action lawsuit may help victims receive the compensation they deserve. Learn more.

What to do if you think you should be part of a class action lawsuit?

If you believe that you have been involved in a situation that warrants a class action lawsuit, be sure to document any injuries or financial harm as a result of it. For example, if a product has injured you or a family member, be sure to get photos of the products as well as medical records documenting the injury.

How can Habush Help?

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