Pharmacy Errors

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In an age with many individuals taking prescription medications on a regular basis, it is not surprising that errors made by pharmacists and pharmacy employees are prevalent. If the wrong medication or even the wrong dosage of the right medication is given to a patient, the side effects can be debilitating, either temporarily or permanently, and can even result in death.

Pharmacy errors can be particularly deceiving because often individuals do not link the onset of symptoms or death to the prescribed medications, meaning they often don’t suspect a pharmacy error has occurred. Also, many individuals never see an actual written prescription, because they are often sent electronically to the pharmacy by the doctor and therefore sometimes have no idea the medication name or specific dosage amount prescribed.

If you are taking prescription medications, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of pharmacy errors. Check each dose of medicine carefully. Consult your written prescription, if you have one, and compare your medicine dosage to that prescription. Talk to your pharmacist at the time you pick up the medication and ask him or her to confirm that the information on the bottle matches the prescription information in the computer. If it is a repeat prescription, compare the new bottle with the old bottle to make sure the medication and dosage are the same. If you are on multiple medications, ask your pharmacist to confirm there are no problems with taking any of the medications at the same time as others. Compare your medicine to online resources to ensure you are taking exactly what your doctor prescribed. Make sure your pharmacist knows what medications you are allergic to and discuss whether any of your prescribed medications contain any of the same ingredients as those you are allergic to. Know and watch for unusual or unexpected side effects, and consult with your doctor immediately if you suspect you have taken the wrong medication.

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