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3 Potential Disabilities from Brain Injuries

Personal injury accidents, such as an auto accident or slip and fall, can result in a variety of injuries for those involved. One of the most dangerous consequences of an accident is a brain injury. Unfortunately, trauma to the brain can lead to several permanent, devastating disabilities.

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#1: Loss of Motor Functions

With some head trauma, the areas of the brain responsible for motor function may be damaged. As a result, an injured person can become paralyzed in certain areas or lose the ability to control fine muscle movements. The loss of fine motor movements can impair skills like writing and typing, which can prove vital for many jobs.

#2: Loss of Cognitive Abilities

In some cases, a brain injury can cause damage to a person’s cognitive abilities. This disability can manifest in numerous ways, including a loss of shape and color recognition or even an inability to recognize people’s faces.

#3: Language Disorders

Language disorders are common problems associated with brain injuries, including stroke and brain hemorrhages. If certain areas of the brain are damaged in an accident, a person may lose the ability to speak, listen, read, or write properly. These language disorders are often improved through speech therapy, although these treatments can take a substantial amount of time.

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