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3 Types of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is only too common now, largely due to the influx of technological devices used even while driving a vehicle. Unfortunately, as people have become busier, they have begun to use time in the car to multitask; however, this leads to drivers becoming distracted behind the wheel, all too often resulting in a car accident. Typically, a person injured in such an accident is the victim of one of three main types of distracted driving.

3 Categories of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving generally falls into one of three categories of distraction. These three categories include:

  • Manual distraction. The driver’s hands are not on the steering wheel.
  • Visual distraction. The driver’s eyes are not on the road or driving tasks.
  • Cognitive distraction. The driver’s thoughts are not on his or her driving tasks. This is the most common forms of distracted driving.

Any one of these types of distracted driving is enough to cause an accident. Unfortunately, most of these can be avoided if a driver is careful to observe what he or she is doing at all times while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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