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Airbag Defects

Car accidents and crashes occur frequently in the United States. They may occur when a car crashes into another car, when a car hits a pole or tree, or when a car loses control and tumbles down a hill.

To prevent injuries from car accidents and car crashes, cars come equipped with various safety devices, like seat belts. One such safety device is the airbag. Cars made recently come with a large number of airbags. All the doors have airbags; the dashboard has airbags; the steering wheel has an airbag.

The purpose of all of these airbags is to prevent people in a car hitting any parts of the car and sustaining injuries. When a car is moving and gets into an accident and people in the car hit, say, the windshield, they can suffer a lot of injuries.

When people get into accidents, the airbags should open to prevent the driver and passengers from getting injured. Sometimes, however, airbags do not open when they should and when they need to. When airbags fail to function properly, people’s safety and health are at risk. Car companies have a responsibility to ensure that the safety equipment in their cars works properly and will come in handy when the situation arises.

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