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Birth Defects and Prescription Medication

When a doctor or psychiatrist prescribes a pregnant woman powerful medication for an illness or disorder, there may be significant risk for the health of her child. In these cases, a mother may find relief for her ailments, but her child’s development can undergo significant alterations or may become stunted. As a result, these children can be born with severe disabilities and chronic disorders that may even cut their lifespan short.

If your child has suffered a birth defect due to medical negligence, you may be able to pursue legal action. Contact the Milwaukee personal injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, at (414) 271-0900 today to discuss the details of your claim with a legal advisor.

Dangers of Using Prescription Drugs While Pregnant

Many prescription drugs used by patients have strong potential side effects. As these drugs can severely damage even a fully-grown human body, the possible effects these medications have on an infant can prove life-threatening. Consider some of the following birth defects that have been linked to prescription medications:

  • Heart conditions
  • Reduced intellect
  • Irritability and behavioral changes
  • Anencephaly, or lack of brain development
  • Blindness and deafness
  • Inability to feel
  • Paralysis

While some of these conditions may be treated by surgical intervention or additional medication for the child, others cannot be reversed through modern medical science.

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If your family has suffered because of a physician’s negligence in prescribing potentially hazardous drugs, you may be entitled to pursue legal compensation. To learn more about your options and rights as a parent, contact the Milwaukee personal injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, today by calling (414) 271-0900.