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The Dangers of Botulism

Botulism, often thought of as simple “food poisoning,” is a serious illness resulting from exposure
to the toxic byproducts of the botulinum bacteria. The most common way of contracting botulism is through food that has become contaminated with this bacterium. Modern sanitation procedures, correctly followed, can all but eliminate the risk of botulism poisoning.

Serious cases of botulism can be fatal. The botulinum toxin causes muscle paralysis, and extensive exposure can lead to paralysis of the diaphragm, respiratory failure, and death. The paralysis caused by this toxin begins with the nerves controlling movements of the eyes, face, mouth, and throat. People suffering from botulism will often experience drooping eyelids, double vision, and difficulty speaking.

Most cases of botulism affect infants, where the bacterium responsible for the disease colonizes the child’s intestines and begins exuding the toxin. These cases are particularly common before the infant’s first year, and some cases have been linked to ingestion of honey before the first birthday. Although almost no bacteria can survive in honey, the one responsible for botulism is able to lie dormant until it enters a body with a weak immune system.

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