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Building Collapse

Many people work and live in older buildings, often because they are cheaper than a newer alternative. As great as this can be, and as beautiful as most of these classic buildings are, they are not always as safe as they could be. Most new buildings are relatively safe because of current building codes and new technologies. Old buildings are supposed to be kept up to safety codes, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

When older buildings have trouble, it is often because they are no longer structurally sound. In most cases, this does not get bad enough that the building will collapse on its own; it usually takes some kind of stress or event to make the building show its weakness.

In most cases, this is a weather event. High winds, an earthquake, or even falling tree limbs can be the catalyst for the disastrous accidents that occur when buildings or parts of buildings collapse. When the walls are shaken, the roof will be less supported, the support beams, sometimes made of wood, may come out of place, and the results can be disastrous. If one building in a densely constructed area shows the effects of a storm and the rest do not, then that building may have been structurally compromised.

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