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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular and common on our nation’s roads. They are loved by individuals of all ages who happen to love the feel of the wind in their hair or racing over roads with just a few inches between them and the road. Unfortunately, the same things that make motorcycles so popular also make them very dangerous. The lack of a protective barrier between the driver and the road leaves any motorcyclist at risk.

In multiple-vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle, the leading cause of the accident is the other motorist not seeing or recognizing a motorcycle in traffic. This results in them violating the motorcycle’s right of way in some way. The causes of single-vehicle accidents are much more varied than multi-vehicle accidents.

Single vehicle accidents account for 45% of all fatalities between 1990 and 1999. In these years, there were 11,038 single vehicle accidents involving a single vehicle. In many of these cases, the driver had high blood alcohol levels. In 50% of all the single-vehicle fatalities, there was a curve in the road that was improperly negotiated by the driver. Speeding is another leading cause of the accidents.

In all accidents, a head injury is the leading cause of death. Helmets are infrequently used by motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents. In single vehicle accidents, the rate was below 50%. Another interesting thing is that single vehicle accidents occur on rural roads.

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