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Choosing a Physical Therapist

Following any sort of injury, physical therapy may be necessary to get the injured individual back to their pre-injured state. When an individual has been injured to the point of surgery, this is even more true. Physical therapy is an integral part of recovery from any surgery. If it is done well, the surgery can be a great success. If it is not done well, the surgery may only achieve partial success. Because of this, choosing an effective physical therapist is crucial.

The most important member of an individual’s health care team is the patient. The patient is entitled to choose the most appropriate health care professional to meet his or her personal recovery goals. In this vein, it is important to receive physical therapy from a licensed physical therapist.

A physical therapist is a professional health care provider who is licensed by the state in which he or she practices. Many physical therapy clinics offer physical therapy from physical therapist assistants. While these people typically are just as competent as a physical therapist, it is still a good idea to make sure that the assistant is supervised by a licensed physical therapist.

Another important part of physical therapy is picking a therapist that is part of an insurance plan. This makes it easier to file claims and go through with the entire physical therapy routine. If an individual is forced to pay for physical therapy on his or her own, that person may not be able to afford the entire rehabilitation process.

While it is perfectly reasonable for a physician to recommend a physical therapist, it is important for the patient to receive care from a licensed physical therapist.

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