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Common Reasons for Speeding that Lead to Accidents

We have all done it. You are late for work or school or have a time crunch to run errands and you speed to get to your location sooner. It is a common practice, and though it may seem harmless, speeding can have a number of serious and even deadly consequences. Speeding not only increases your likelihood of getting into an accident, but it also increases the likelihood that more serious injuries and fatalities will occur. There are many reasons that people speed, a few of which are listed below, but no reason justifies the potential deadly consequences that routinely accompany speeding.


  1. Tardiness: Many people speed because they are late to an event and want to get to their destination more quickly. This scenario may seem harmless, but speeding in these situations often features aggressive behavior as drivers recklessly speed and pass slower cars in their attempt to be on time. It is always better to be late than to get into an accident and risk your health and the health of other drivers.
  2. Recklessness: Many people speed simply due to reckless behavior and a false belief that speeding is harmless or that they are skilled enough drivers to be able to speed without consequences. This is not the case. Reckless driving paired with speeding is one of the main causes of accidents and can have deadly consequences for everyone involved.
  3. Drunk driving: Drunk driving is one of the number one contributors to motor vehicle accidents and is often characterized by speeding in addition to other dangerous driving practices. Drunk drivers often do not think to pay attention to the speed limit or notice when they begin to pass the speed limit. In addition, their inhibitions are lowered, which makes them more likely to take part in reckless behaviors in general.

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