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Concerns in ATV Safety

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are highly popular recreational vehicles designed to operate in off-road conditions. ATVs come in a wide selection of designs, among which the most popular resembles a four-wheeled motorcycle. The analogy is apt; ATVs are high-powered machines capable of reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour or more on uneven, unpaved surfaces.

Along with their reputation for adrenaline and excitement, ATVs are also known for being dangerous to operate. Rollovers and other accidents involving ATVs claim hundreds of lives and cause hundreds of thousands of serious injuries every year. Of these injuries and fatalities, a disproportionate amount involves young children under 14.

Several factors contribute to the high safety risk of ATVs:

  • Off-roading and Terrain – ATVs are designed with rigid axles in order to handle the demands of off-roading by permitting outside tires to skid. This means, however, that operating an ATV on paved surfaces is dangerous. On the other hand, the act of off-roading itself is often hazardous, involving uneven surfaces, sudden drops and pitfalls, and often unfamiliar terrain.
  • Tendency towards rollovers – ATVs are notorious for rollovers, a tendency only made worse by the unpredictable and uneven terrain in which they are usually operated.
  • Age and inexperience – ATVs are extremely powerful machines which are, somewhat unfortunately, popular among a younger demographic. Many kids get on an ATV without proper training, or ability to truly control it, leading to accidents and injuries.
  • Though many of these factors are outside of passenger control, passengers can still contribute to or take away from the safety of a flight. A cooperative, conscientious passenger, for example, allows the flight crew to do their jobs undistracted, while a disruptive passenger takes valuable attention and energy away.

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