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Dental Malpractice Problems

When a patient receives treatment from a dentist, any missed diagnosis or mistake on the part of the dental staff can result in serious damage. In terms of malpractice, dentists and dental hygienists make a notable number of mistakes every year. These problems may not be reported as often as other mistakes that occur in the medical and surgical fields, but they still affect innocent patients every year.

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Problems with Different Types of Dentistry

Dental health has an important link to the overall health of a patient. Poor dental health or excessive damage to the teeth or gums can impact other parts of the body, including the digestive system. According to a study from The Journal of the American Dental Association, the following types of malpractice are most common among all dental malpractice claims:

  • Prosthodontic malpractice makes up 28% of claims
  • Endodontic malpractice makes up 17% of claims
  • Restorative dentistry malpractice makes up 16% of claims
  • Misdiagnosis makes up 9% of claims
  • Oral surgery malpractice makes up 9% of claims

Prosthodontics consists of dental work that helps those who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth. Endodontics consists of working inside the tooth, fixing root- and pulp-related problems. Restorative dentistry includes treatments used to repair tooth damages caused by cavities or injury.

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