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Duty of Care & Personal Injury

Some personal injury cases are relatively straightforward: if someone in the same room as you acts in a way that directly leads to you suffering a serious injury, it’s not difficult to prove who was responsible. Many other cases, however, are not so simple. If a building collapses without any external cause, who do you blame?

In cases like building collapse, where there is often not a single obvious link between someone’s actions and the building’s structural failings, the concept of duty of care becomes important. When someone designs or creates something—not just buildings, but consumer products as well—that could possibly harm someone, they are expected to meet certain standards of care to avoid harming others.

Someone designing a building in a place that experiences earthquakes, for example, is required by law to meet legal standards for earthquake-resistant construction. Someone designing toys should have the sense not to use toxic paint, or small parts that pose a choking hazard. Even though many of these standards are already codified in law, there are other situations that are much less clear.

At what point do consumers take responsibility for product-related injuries? Thousands of people have been killed because they dropped a curling iron into the bath. Some people appeal to notions of common sense for cases like those: shouldn’t they have known that having electronics around water is a bad idea? Although it may seem obvious now, it might not occur to everyone that products designed to be used in the bathroom might not be waterproof.

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