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Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

The medical and professional services available to individuals who live in nursing homes can serve to maintain or improve their quality of living. Because they are entrusting the facility with their care, nursing home residents and their families expect staff members to be well-trained and professional in every aspect of their job. Generally, nursing home residents have positive experiences and are grateful for the services provided. However, emotional abuse does occur in nursing homes on occasion. Therefore, it can be critical to understand what the warning signs of emotional abuse are, so family members may intervene.

Indications of Emotional Abuse

The emotional abuse of nursing home residents is inexcusable. While some residents may be able to communicate any abuse they have suffered, other individuals may not. As such, it can be critical for families of nursing home residents to be aware of the telltale signs of emotional abuse. Individuals who are emotionally abused often will display same following indicators:

  • A lack of interest in social interaction
  • A prolonged or unreasonable sense of fear or anxiety
  • Unexplained and uncharacteristic shifts in behavior

Perhaps the most harmful form of emotional abuse that a nursing home resident may suffer is isolation. When not provided with opportunities to interact with staff and other residents, the emotional wellbeing of a resident can suffer considerably.

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