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Facial Surgery

Plastic surgery has become a very regular practice and a viable option for many patients. There are seemingly endless options for different types of surgeries and ways to change your body’s appearance. Facial surgery, especially, has become increasingly popular.

There are lots of different ways to have facial plastic surgery or facial procedures. Perhaps the most popular include Botox or collagen injections. These can be given to make lips fuller, decrease wrinkles, and have other similar cosmetic effects. Other popular facial surgeries include nose or chin reconstruction. The majority of these kinds of surgeries are for cosmetic purposes, although some of the same procedures are in place in the event of reconstruction after an accident.

Unfortunately, there are many ways that facial surgery can go wrong. Improper sedation can actually be lethal to a patient. Also, in the case of Botox and other injections, the patient can be allergic to the materials, or the injection could be in the wrong place.

Additionally, in a nose or chin reconstruction, doctors often have to break existing bones to build them back the way they want to, which is always dangerous. Additionally, all of the potential dangers of general surgery apply here as well, like using the wrong instrument, wrong site surgery, etc.

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