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Fireworks Injuries

Fireworks are a very popular portion of all celebrations of the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, they are also a very dangerous form of entertainment. Injuries relating to fireworks are most common on and around holidays associated with fireworks celebrations. The two biggest fireworks celebrations are Independence Day and New Year’s Eve.

In 2006, eleven people died and almost 10,000 people were treated in emergency rooms across the country for injuries related to fireworks. These injuries affected people who were spectators as well as detonators although the detonators had more injuries. 5% of all fireworks-related injuries require hospitalization. This means that the person is not only going to the hospital for treatment due to a firework injury but is also staying in the hospital for some amount of time.

Two-thirds of all of the injuries in 2006 occurred between June 16th and July 16th. In this period, one out of every three celebrants was under the age of fifteen. Also, males were three times more likely to be hurt than females. The most shocking statistic is that nearly half of the people injured were under the age of 20.

When a person is injured, he or she is most likely to injure their hands, eyes, head, face, or ears. When injured, if the injury is not on the head or face, it is most likely to be a burn. If it is on the face or near the eyes, contusions, lacerations, and foreign bodies in the eye were the most common injuries.

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