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Fishing Injuries

Fishing is a leisure activity enjoyed by millions around the world, and can be a means of livelihood or survival for large groups. In most cases, it is not very dangerous, but there are some ways that serious injury can occur. From the equipment to boats and the fish themselves, there are a variety of sources of injury related to fishing.

It seems simple, but fishing hooks are actually quite dangerous. They are designed to be incredibly sharp so they can latch on to a fish, so if they get caught in a person’s skin, they can cause significant damage. The many lures used, especially those for larger fish, can be quite significant in size and have many hooks. Unfortunately, some people get the hooks caught in their nose, mouth, or other places that are extremely painful.

Anytime a fishing expedition uses a boat, there are all of the dangers normally associated with boat use that also go along with fishing. Capsizing, drowning, sinking, etc. are all risks when fishing off of a boat, especially in a deep-sea environment.

Some of the fish that fishermen catch are massive. They can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds and be many feet long. Sharks, swordfish, and other sea creatures can be dangerous if not handled properly once on or near the boat.

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