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Helmets and Bicycles

Bicycles are a great form of entertainment and exercise. No matter what type of bicycle you have, it can provide you with hours of fun or a reliable form of transportation. However, it is important to remember that you should always take safety into account.

Wearing a helmet is a must when riding a bicycle. In the event of a crash, a helmet can save your life or significantly reduce the extent of injury you sustain. Many of the injuries that are common to bicycle accidents can be incredibly harmful.

Likely the most common injury associated with bicycle accidents is road rash. This occurs when the rider skids along the road, tearing the skin away from his or her body. This is a very painful injury that can result in temporary loss of the ability to use the affected regions.

Another common form of injury caused by bicycle accidents is concussion. A concussion is caused by the brain hitting the skull. This generally occurs when a rider hits his or her head against the ground or another object. However, wearing a helmet can dull the force of impact and lessen or completely eliminate the occurrence of concussions.

The danger associated with bicycle accidents is generally factored by the rate of speed of the bicycle and the other object involved in the crash. The faster each one goes, the worse the injury is likely to be.

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