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Highway Accidents

Thousands of accidents occur on our nation’s highways each year. These accidents can be more dangerous because cars are usually traveling at higher speeds and cause much more damage than in residential areas. Highway travel can be a great way to go from place to place, but there are some significant risks to be aware of.

Highway accidents are more likely to occur at night. This is the case for several reasons. Some people drive on the highway with their bright headlights on, which can effectively blind drivers in oncoming traffic. This can lead to very serious head-on collisions, often with fatal results.

In addition, many people are very tired while driving at night. Being tired can reduce reaction time, impair judgment, and lower one’s overall driving abilities. Also, some people can be so tired that they actually fall asleep at the wheel. Because highway driving can be monotonous, they may get the urge to simply drift off. Obviously, this is an extremely dangerous situation and can lead to very serious accidents.

Tire problems on the highway can also be a big problem, as a blowout or flat tire at high speeds can cause a car to swerve out of control. Even when following speed limit signs and not speeding, most cars on the highway are traveling fast enough that a tire problem could cause the driver to lose control.

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