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Highway Jackknifing Accidents

On the road, 18-wheelers represent some of the most dangerous vehicles for other drivers to encounter. Compared to any other type of vehicle, these trucks haul immense weights and extend out to unmatched lengths. This length, primarily due to the size of the trailer, can prove especially dangerous in inclement conditions. In these situations, the trailer can swing out from behind the truck, folding towards the front of the truck and putting nearby drivers and passengers in serious danger.

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Jackknife Prevention

Jackknife accidents, named after the folding knife, occur when the back tires of a truck lose their grip on the road. As a result of this issue, the back of the truck can begin to slide out to either side. As the massive trailer swings out, it can strike nearby motorists before they have time to react and move out of harm’s way. As such, it’s always a good move to exercise caution and do everything you can to avoid being involved in a jackknifing accident. Individual motorists can do this by:

  • Never driving next to the trailer portion of an 18-wheeler
  • Leaving a safe following distance between their vehicle and any 18-wheelers ahead of them
  • Exercising extreme caution in inclement weather, which frequently leads to jackknifing accidents

While motorists cannot always prevent an accident from occurring, especially when other drivers are reckless behind the wheel, driving defensively may be able to help keep you from being injured in a truck accident.

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