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Injury-related Costs and Overtime Pay

Many people who are in need of more money to support themselves and their family choose to work extra hours at their job, commonly known as overtime. For those employees who are not exempt from receiving overtime pay, this extra work can bring in much-needed money. However, working extra hours can also expose a person to a greater risk of being injured. Unfortunately, this typically causes a person to accrue medical expenses that can place an even greater financial burden on a person, especially if they are also not paid the overtime wages they have rightfully earned.

Medical Expenses

Depending on the type of injury and its severity, an injured employee might be facing extremely expensive medical bills. In fact, some of the common medical expenses that a person might face after an injury include:

  • Surgery-related costs
  • Time taken off from work, resulting in income loss
  • Regularly scheduled doctor / hospital visits
  • Need for prescription medication
  • Physical therapy costs

Even if a person has insurance to cover these and other medical costs, there will likely be certain out of pocket expenses, not to mention time spent not working. As such, getting the overtime pay that you should have been rightfully paid is critical,.

Discuss Overtime Pay with a Lawyer in Milwaukee

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