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Lightning: Another Golf Course Hazard

The majority of people recognize that lightning is a significant hazard to one’s health and property. Unfortunately, lightning frequently occurs out of the blue and is not predictable. Lightning strikes pose a hazard for golfers and golf courses alike. It has been estimated that nearly half of all lightning-related fatalities occur on golf courses.

To combat this, the National Golf Foundation (NGF) conducted a survey to determine the level of awareness of lightning’s hazards. The NGF polled a large number of member golf clubs. They found that half of the surveyed clubs maintain a lightning warning system of some sort. One third of the same courses have course evacuation policies in place.

Legally speaking, lightning is an act of God. This means that in cases where the loss is due solely to lightning there can be no recovery in court. However, lightning cases are frequently complicated by the presence of other factors. These other factors include the victim’s failure to appreciate the danger of lightning, the victim’s failure to seek proper cover, and the unavailability of proper cover.

As there are other factors involved in lightning accidents, it is wrong to assume that all deaths, injuries, and damages caused by lightning are “no one’s fault.” If you or someone you know has been injured on a golf course due to the course’s actions, there may be legal options available to you. For more information on legal options, please contact the Milwaukee personal injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at (414) 271-0900 to discuss your case and to determine your legal options.