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Losing Spoken Language

Following a serious injury to the head, parts of the brain may either become seriously damaged or altogether destroyed. This can lead to a loss of basic skills and abilities, such as being able to name objects or create coherent sentences. In terms of losing language abilities, the loss of both spoken language and comprehension skills is grouped under a disability known as aphasia.

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What is Expressive Aphasia?

Several types of aphasia may be diagnosed after a serious incident of head trauma or following a stroke. Although the vocal cords, tongue, teeth, and other speech organs create spoken noises, the brain controls the ability to turn those sounds into actual language. When a person cannot piece together a comprehensible sentence, he or she may be suffering from expressive aphasia. The following symptoms often point to this type of aphasia:

  • Inability to create grammatically sensible language
  • Repeating phrases
  • Regular creation of nonsense words
  • Strictly limited vocabulary
  • Switching objects and subjects in a sentence

Also known as Broca’s aphasia, expressive aphasia may be treated through regular cognitive therapy sessions and medication. The medication can assist the brain in rebuilding important language structures and connections being learned in therapy sessions. Often, through practice and repetition, an aphasic individual can recover a significant amount of their former linguistic skills.

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