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Mistakes Involving Medical Records

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are responsible for keeping all of a patient’s medical records well-organized and up to date. This information, most of it involving a patient’s medical history, is essential for doctors looking to accurately diagnose and treat a patient. An inability to find and follow the right information can lead to extremely dangerous treatment mistakes or drug interactions.

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Causes of Record-keeping Errors

Doctors and nurses charged with watching over a patient have a duty to keep that patient’s charts and records properly organized and up to date. These records let healthcare workers know results from tests, prior medical history, and what recent steps have been taken to treat that patient. Misfiling a record or improperly documenting medical action can have devastating impacts on a patient’s health.

  • Medical professionals working long shifts with little rest
  • Inaccurate recording of tests or test results
  • Miscommunication between workers
  • Confusions and record mix-ups

These problems can contribute to an error that may permanently affect a patient. In extreme cases, a mistake with medical records can lead to a wrongful death.

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