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Neglect at Daycare

Aside from mentally disabled individuals, children are the most helpless members of human society. They are sweet and innocent. Most of them cannot harm another individual and are always smiling. They have not been corrupted by the world we live in. That is why parents have a hard time parting with their children. This is also why whenever a child is neglected people rightly become up in arms.

It is common knowledge that many parents have to leave their children at daycare centers and facilities when they go to work every morning. Parents assume that their children will be well taken care of and will be given proper attention. In the vast majority of daycare centers across the United States, this is the case. There are times, however, when workers at daycare centers neglect the children under their care and supervision.

As a result of such neglect, the children suffer. Children may choke on something, fall down a flight of stairs, or put something toxic in their mouth. Children neglected at daycare can get injured, harmed, sick, and can even die.

Parents expect their children to be in good hands at daycare centers. When their children suffer in any wrongful way, parents are rightly angry.

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