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Plastic Surgery Risks

When we hear the term “plastic surgery,” the first images that come to mind for many of us are the celebrities who have received plastic surgery. The tabloids are perpetually full of photos and headlines accusing celebrities of having botched facelifts and so forth. But this type of surgery—known as cosmetic plastic surgery—is only one kind. Although many people elect to undergo procedures like tummy tucks and nose jobs, plastic surgery has many medical uses as well.

You may know or have known someone who has suffered severe burn injuries. In cases like these, it is often necessary to create skin grafts to repair the damaged area. This is a medical necessity, since without grafts, the risk of infection runs higher—not to mention the life-altering affects of permanent, major scarring. Skin grafting is not a perfect art, but modern techniques can partially restore a person’s appearance after major injuries, in addition to aiding their recovery.

Plastic surgery can also be used to correct birth defects like cleft palates. This surgery can radically improve the lives and self-esteem of people born with cleft palates. Clefts do more than affect a person’s appearance: they also make many everyday activities like eating much more difficult. By receiving therapeutic plastic surgery, people born with clefts can live happier lives.

Regardless of whether the plastic surgery someone receives is cosmetic or reconstructive, there are numerous risks, as with any surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery can go wrong, making someone’s appearance worse than it was prior to the surgery. Mistakes or carelessness during the surgery can also lead to major infections and possibly death.

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