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Playground Safety

Playgrounds are one of the most important places in a child’s world. They provide children with opportunities to socialize, exercise, and have fun. Playground equipment gives children places to run and climb, building coordination and strength. But for as much fun as playgrounds provide children, poorly-maintained playground equipment can be a safety hazard.

Above all, the most important factor in keeping a playground safe is having adequate adult supervision. No matter how well-designed playground equipment is, there is no substitute for a responsible adult’s watchful eye. Even with supervision, however, faulty playground equipment can break and lead to injuries.

Before you let your child, or a child you are supervising, make use of playground equipment, make sure none of it looks broken. Even with small children, activities like swinging can put repetitive strain on the metal that can destroy it over the years. A swing that stays together can be fun for all ages; a swing that comes apart mid-air can cause serious injuries.

Even properly maintained equipment can prove dangerous if a child slips or loses his or her grip. Hard metal parts that protrude can cause injuries. In modern designs, parts like these should be minimized or eliminated, but older or poorly-designed equipment could still prove dangerous.

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