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Problems with Car Customization

The United States has a long tradition of amateur mechanics taking steps to build and customize a car to their preferences. While this can make the driving experience more enjoyable for these motorists, it can also make the road significantly more dangerous for others. Although many custom parts and modifications have little impact on a driver’s behavior and performance, some individuals abuse their vehicle’s increased performance.

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Hazards of Modification

Vehicle modification can increase performance in any number of ways. By using different tires, a vehicle may gain better traction on the road. By retooling a vehicle’s engine, they may produce a faster car with more impressive acceleration. While many people exercise their right to customize their vehicle under the restrictions of the law and behave properly on the road, not all do so. Altered vehicle performance or driving behaviors may create the following dangers:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Lane weaving on highways
  • Dangerously fast braking
  • Use of nitrous oxide systems to boost acceleration

If a person uses his or her modified vehicle in a reckless way, they unnecessarily cause dangerous collisions that produce significant destruction.

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