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Radon Exposure

Radon is a radioactive gas. Like all dangerous radioactive substances, radon can damage the DNA in cells and cause cancer. Since radon is gaseous, most people who suffer radon-related illnesses have developed lung cancer from long-term radon inhalation. Radon is one of the densest gases and for that reason tends to settle in basements and other low areas.

Most of the radon that is released into the atmosphere is released from rocks. Some of it is released through natural processes, but human activity such as mining can also release radon. West Virginia has a particularly high incidence of radon exposure, because much of the state’s economy is centered on mining.

Although West Virginia’s mining-based economy has been associated with the release of radon, the highest levels in the United States are found in the Midwest. Iowa has the nation’s highest levels of atmospheric radon, most of it released naturally from the earth. Although Iowa has the highest levels, nearly every state in the Midwest has areas with elevated radon levels.

However, because the risk of radon in the Midwest is well-documented, landlords and employers in areas with a risk of radon exposure should regularly test atmospheric radiation levels. If you have developed lung cancer and live or work in an at-risk area, radon exposure might be the cause. Medical tests are the only way to know for sure, so consult your doctor if you think radon exposure may have contributed to your illness.

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