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Shaken Baby Syndrome

Newborn babies lack the ability to hold their own heads up until they are several months old. During this time, their necks must be properly supported when they are being carried. Even after their neck muscles have developed, parents, relatives, friends, and babysitters should be very careful when holding a child. The neck and spine of a child will remain fragile for quite some time as they continue to grow. Any sudden and violent movements can put the child at risk of the injuries associated with shaken baby syndrome, or SBS.

Shocking Statistics

Shaken baby syndrome is considered a form of child abuse and occurs when an infant is violently shaken. Sadly, reports show that around 1,200 children are affected by this condition each year. Many cases of shaken baby syndrome go unnoticed for some time since there are no external signs that an injury has occurred. Shaken impact syndrome, however, often shows external signs of injury and occurs when a child is shaken and struck with an object.

Types of Injuries

Shaken baby syndrome is incredibly damaging to a child’s brain. For this reason, many children who suffer from the condition do not survive the ordeal. If a child survives, they may experience brain damage, disability, cerebral palsy, blindness, and cognitive problems.

Signs of Injury

Some infants who have been shaken show signs of their condition, including swelling of the head, inconsistent eating habits, dilated pupils, inconsistent breathing patterns, vomiting, seizures, and irritability.

A child who suffers shaken impact syndrome will exhibit bruises and cuts, as well as the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome.

Speak with a Lawyer

As a parent, your child’s well-being is your highest priority. If you suspect that your child has been a victim of shaken baby syndrome due to the negligent or violent acts of a spouse, babysitter, day care worker, or other person, it is imperative that you speak with a Milwaukee shaken baby syndrome attorney immediately.

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