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Sporting Event Injuries

Sporting events are a great form of entertainment for individuals and families. Although most spectators understand the risks that the players must go through each game, few think about the dangers faced by each person in the crowd. At sporting events, excitement and enthusiasm are all part of the experience. However, one person’s negligent behavior can ultimately lead to the injury of another, innocent person.

In any situation in which thousands of people are crowded together in close proximity, the chance of injuries increases. Stadiums are required to have adequate provisions to ensure the safety of spectators, including railings along stairways and bleachers, multiple clearly-marked exits in case of an emergency, warnings for steep steps or slippery surfaces, and other safety precautions.

Common Sport Event Accidents

Examples of sporting event injuries include:

  • Slipping on a slick surface, such as on someone’s spilled drink or food
  • Tripping over other people’s belongings or on steep steps
  • Falling down stairs or bleachers
  • Fights and altercations with other spectators

Any injury you receive may be the fault of many different parties. If a slick or steep surface was improperly labeled or if important safety features were missing, the owner or management of the stadium may be at fault for your injuries for failing to adhere to safety regulations. If another person’s intoxicated, belligerent, or careless behavior causes harm to you or a loved one, that person may be responsible for your injuries.

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