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Suffering from Dysgraphia

When individuals suffer damage to the brain or nerves, the resulting injury can severely impact their ability to complete everyday tasks. In particular, language skills such as speaking and writing may decline sharply. A person who loses the capacity to write legibly, spell properly in written language, or write without severe pain may have developed a disorder known as dysgraphia from their injuries.
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What Does Dysgraphia Affect?

Dysgraphia leads to a significant loss of writing ability for most sufferers. However, dysgraphia is also a broader term for several different types of writing disorders. These often reveal something about an injury and what part of the nervous system it most strongly altered. The following are generally considered signs that a person may be suffering from dysgraphia:

  • The inability to produce legible handwriting spontaneously
  • The inability to produce legible handwriting when copying
  • Pain while trying to write
  • Slow finger tapping speed
  • Poor spelling skills

These problems can prove troublesome in completing day-to-day tasks. However, there are some treatments available for sufferers. Perhaps the easiest approach for many is to switch over to computer use, as this can often replace the need to write. Also, many people may undergo physical therapy to regain some of their handwriting skills.

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