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The Dangers of Electricity

Around the house, it is easy to take one’s safety for granted. After all, it’s your home, and you probably feel securer there than you do anywhere else that the day takes you. But as the economy continues to worsen, even families who have been accustomed to financial stability are having to cut back on what were once considered essentials. This is also true in rental homes.

In a rental property where your landlord is supposed to maintain and repair the structure and fixtures within your home, it may be difficult to persuade him to take action as quickly as he might under normal conditions. With declining occupancy rates and a lack of funds with which to work, many property managers are hesitant to take on any additional expenses, even when the terms of a rental or lease agreement dictate that they have an obligation to do so.

It is in this situation that avoidable household tragedies become inevitable. When wires are exposed from wall outlets due to poorly made walls or defective fixtures, electric shock or electrocution can become very real threats. This is particularly true when there are children in the home, because they may not be aware of the potential dangers of contacting an exposed wire.

The Effects of Electric Shock

In worst case scenarios, contact with current-bearing wires can be fatal. When the victim of electric shock survives, though, there are several different health consequences that may come to pass. The three primary concerns are:

Burns – electrical burns can be more severe than other types of burns because the primary burning takes place internally.

Nerve damage – because the nervous system is essentially a communications network of electronic impulses, electric shock can cause the nerves to malfunction.

Ventricular fibrillation – electric shock can cause the muscles of the heart to contract out of rhythm and this condition can lead to death if not treated immediately.

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