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The Truth about Obesity

Every year, obesity becomes an even more serious problem. Weights go up and the average Body Mass Index measurement increases annually. According to a recent article by CNN, obesity rates went up in 23 states in 2008, and stayed the same in the remaining states. The hardest hit area is the American South, where a traditionally fatty diet has been exacerbated by fast food and a sedentary lifestyle.

In addition to the decreased quality of life that goes along with being impractically overweight, there are numerous health risks that result from obesity. Heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and breathing problems are just a few of the potentially life-threatening conditions that can accompany morbid obesity.

The biggest factors in the increase in obesity are the changing American diet and the more sedentary lifestyle that modern conveniences afford us. Americans eat larger portions now than they ever did in the past; the average cheeseburger in 1980 had about 330 calories, while the average one today has about 590 calories. We increasingly rely on high-calorie, energy-intensive diets with fewer fruits and vegetables and a much heavier emphasis put on meats, especially less healthy red meats.

Additionally, more and more Americans sit motionless in front of computers, driving their cars to work instead of taking mass transit and walking. Ironically, as gym memberships continue to rise, fewer Americans are taking part in athletics and sports. This increased immobility is making a tremendous impact on the amount of calories we expend, meaning we eat more than we use.

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