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Tips for Avoiding Deer Accidents

Every year, numerous people are hurt and sometimes killed when they are involved in accidents involving deer, moose, and elk. In addition to the human loss, cars are sometimes severely damaged. The animal frequently doesn’t survive the accident either. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid accidents. The best advice that can be given, however, is to slow down and pay more attention in heavily populated areas.

Drivers should be more aware of the possibility of accidents during the early summer months and in late fall. These are the peak seasons for deer accidents. In addition, most accidents occur around dusk. Be careful when driving through areas with “Deer Crossing” signs posted, particularly during peak hours.

Another tip for minimizing the chances of injury and death to yourself and your passengers is by not swerving to avoid the deer. If you don’t quite manage to swerve and clip the animal with part of the car, the chances of rolling are greater. Also, the car should be as balanced as possible when breaking.

Deer and other large animals are designed to be hard to see. This is part of their protection from predators. Unfortunately, it makes it really hard for humans to avoid hitting them with cars. Fortunately, their coloring can also be used to tip us off to their presence. The absence of reflected light can be an animal. A hole in a white fence or wall or missing roadside reflectors are frequently deer. In addition, blinking reflectors are also caused by an animal walking around the reflectors.

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