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What Is Shock?

A person who has suffered a serious injury may fall into shock. Shock is a potentially deadly condition that occurs when the body does not circulate enough blood. Due to a variety of problems, the body may not have enough blood moving through the blood vessels. This can cut off sufficient oxygen from the body, as red blood cells are primarily used to carry oxygen and nutrients to needy tissue.

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Causes of Shock

Shock is an incredibly dangerous condition that can potentially threaten an injured individual’s life. This condition can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, and some of the most common symptoms include weakness and unusually fast breathing and pulse. A patient may subsequently experience hypothermia, as the lack of blood can significantly reduce body temperature.

The following injuries could lead to shock:

  • Excessive bleeding, both external and internal
  • Excessive blood loss from fistulas
  • Insufficient circulation from a heart defect
  • Insufficient circulation from a blood clot
  • Bacteria entering the bloodstream
  • An allergic reaction

A physician may be held responsible if someone falls into shock because of a lack of treatment or due to incorrect treatment. Shock can also result if a person loses a considerable amount of blood because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

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