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Whiplash Disorder

The definition of whiplash injury is controversial. However, in general, the injury is sustained in a motor vehicle accident when the upper body, specifically the head, is subjected to rapid acceleration. The term “whiplash” designates the mechanism of injury, not the injury itself. Injuries resulting from whiplash can be long-lasting and painful.

According to medical literature, injuries sustained can include muscle interstitial tearing, infracted tissue, and inflammation. Ligaments can be detached from bones or overstretched. Capsules of joints could be disrupted. In addition, the injury may result in chipped and compacted vertebrae, compressed, stretched, and torn nerves, and decreased or blocked circulation in blood vessels.

The above injuries may be the cause of secondary injuries to the brain or spinal cord, cervical sympathetic nerves, and nerves responsible for pupil dilation or eyelid droop. If a victim has preexisting arthritis, whiplash can worsen the condition.

Disabilities can also be acquired after the healing process. For instance, scar tissue which replaces normal fibers has much less elasticity, reducing the range of activity and motion. Chiropractors are often sought after for whiplash treatment. Because their studies include a greater focus on the anatomy of the spine then their orthopedist and neurosurgeon counterparts, they are highly knowledgeable.

Not every victim of whiplash injury suffers chronic symptoms. In fact, most patients recover. The patients who are most likely to recover will generally do so within the first 3 months.

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