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Your Defective Product Injury Case

There are three types of product defects which may cause a personal injury:

  • Design defects: This refers to any problems made while designing or planning a certain product. For example, if a chair is designed in a way which makes it prone to falling over, it would be considered a design defect.
  • Manufacturing errors: Are any defects due to problems or mistakes when a product is actually being made. Using our chair example, this would be something like a leg being improperly attached.
  • False Advertising: This occurs when a seller fails to provide sufficient instructions or warnings about using the product, or when they fail to adequately communicate the potential risks from the product.

Because these three types of defects are associated with three different aspects of the production process, it is very possible that there is more than one party at fault in a personal injury claim. The designer, wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer, and advertiser, for example, could all potentially be liable for a defective product.

Don’t wait too long when deciding to file a defective product lawsuit – most states have laws limiting the time between when a product first goes on sale and any possible lawsuit over the product, usually six to twelve years.

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