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Study: Lead Poisoning Risk High in New Jersey

Posted on May 13, 2008 8:05 am under Premises Liability

A report released by the New Jersey Public Advocate’s Office details the shortcomings of the state’s lead poisoning prevention measures. According to the year-long study, the state’s methods were “inadequate” and “ripe for negligence and fraud.” It goes on to point out that the risk of lead poisoning is still unacceptably high in many NJ communities, particularly older, low-income neighborhoods.

The study attributes many of NJ’s problems to an approach which focuses on treating symptoms after-the-fact, instead of actively working to prevent lead poisoning in the first place.

Lead is a metal commonly found in the paint and plumbing of older homes. It is known to cause serious neurological disorders in children, as well as coma and death in severe cases.

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