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Boy Escapes Injury Due to Crocs

Posted on July 21, 2008 4:07 am under Product Liability

A 9 year old boy escaped a potentially serious injury on an escalator. The boy was on an escalator in a mall wearing Crocs sandals when one of them got stuck in the side of the escalator.

While many people think Crocs are indestructable and a wonderful form of footwear for children, they have been linked to a number of injuries involving escalators. What happens is that the Croc rubs against the side of the escalator, heats up, then gets stuck in the side. The injuries relating to the accidents have included amputated toes. 

The boy injured in North Carolina had his toes burned a little bit but did not suffer life-altering injuries. The little boy is, however, not allowed to wear his Crocs anywhere near an escalator.

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