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LED Traffic Lights Causing Issues

Posted on December 21, 2009 6:30 am under Car Accidents

LED traffic lights have been installed in cities all across the state.  The use of these lights were encouraged because of the energy saving ability of LED lights when compared to the traditional lights.  Following their installation,  the lights were hailed as a great step in helping the environment and reducing energy costs.

Now,  the lights are being seen as a problem.  The lights are having issues with snow and ice building up on them during the winter weather.  Traditional lights would burn hot.  This would prevent ice or snow from building up on the traffic light.  LEDs do not emit much heat at all.  This means that LED lights are becoming caked in ice,  causing individuals to not be able to see the traffic signals. This is leading to accidents occurring.

Officials have stated that they are currently working on a solution to the problem.

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