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Wisconsin overdose law comes to Milwaukee

Posted on May 26, 2010 3:12 am under Personal Injury

Wisconsin joined 41 other states that have created a database for prescriptions deemed dangerously addictive.

Earlier in the month, after the Assembly voted 89-6 and Senate voted 31-2, the Governor signed the bill into law. The new law requires that pharmacists and doctors track prescriptions of commonly abused drugs, theoretically allowing the state to recognize and stop so-called doctor shoppers. The bill was strongly supported by the law enforcement community.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, prescription drugs make up 70% of drug overdose cases in the Milwaukee area since 2002, and 60% of those overdoses of prescription drugs in Milwaukee County are painkillers. According to reports, Waukesha County’s 13 most recent fatal overdoses have been due to painkillers. In a similar fashion, Washington County’s 9 most recent fatal overdoses have been caused by painkillers.

As stated in the law, it is not necessary for pharmacists or doctors to check the database prior to writing prescriptions, but the database should prove invaluable to the law enforcement community while prosecuting criminals.

Some see the bill as an improvement, but not enough to deter doctors from writing prescriptions that are clearly too much for their patients.

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