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Wisconsin readies itself for deer-heavy June

Posted on May 28, 2010 5:14 am under Car Accidents

June may prove to be another dangerous month, Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials fear.

The source of the anxiety comes from high numbers of deer-related accidents in the month of June. According to the Department of Transportation’s figures, the worst or next to worst month each year for deer-versus-vehicle crashes is June, a time when does find some where to birth their offspring and fawns become old enough to leave their mothers.

The law enforcement community is backing the DOT warnings, offering that 16,338 accidents happened in Wisconsin in 2009 alone because of deer.

Dane County was, county-by-county, the most accident-heavy county in the state, having 873 deer-related crashes.

Police suggest that, if a deer comes near a road, motorists should slow down, pay additional attention, and honk their horn in a single blast as to scare the animal away from the road. If the deer should come on to the motorway, a deer caught in the headlights often lives up to his name, and will not usually move due to confusion. Slow down in these situations, and try to brake instead of swerving if all possible. Avoid the early morning and evening hours, stated law enforcement officials.

The police also wanted to extend a special warning to motorcycle riders. Deer can prove especially dangerous without the added bulk of a full car or truck body to protect the rider.

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