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New Wisconsin law requires proof of insurance

Posted on June 2, 2010 6:40 am under Car Accidents

A new Wisconsin law is not only requiring motorists to purchase auto insurance, but keep proper identification of their policy ready in case of an accident.

The new law went into effect June 1, 2010, and asks that Wisconsin drivers keep a suitable means of identifying their insurance policy in their vehicles while driving. The law requires a policy of minimum coverage up to $15,000 for property damage, $50,000 for bodily harm to one person, and $100,000 for an accident. Failure to purchase such a policy, if caught, will result in a $500 fine for the operator of the vehicle. If, on the other hand, the driver simply cannot produce proof of a policy, a $10 fine is given, which is waived if the driver returns to a law enforcement agency with the required proof.

The only state that does not legally require car insurance is New Hampshire. Virginia allows motorists to drive uninsured, but they must pay $500 a year to the state for this privilege. Neither state advocates driving without insurance, however.

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