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Dog bites stir trouble in Edgerton

Posted on June 9, 2010 7:24 am under Dog Bites

Edgerton, Wis., is looking for a solution to their pricey canine problem.

The South Wisconsin city’s law enforcement community has been asked to find a replacement for their newest police dog, Ash, following the city council’s inaction regarding a repeal of their May 17 decision to remove the dog from the city’s service. While in training, the dog bit a Wisconsin Dells police officer. On May 10, the dog then bit a police department office worker on the arm and on the face.

According to defenders of the dog, the facts in the case were ignored in lieu of public opinion over the incident.

When asked if they would take the dog back, the original kennel refused the offer of trading dogs and said that they would not accept a return of the canine companion. The owner of the kennel said that the police officer in charge of the canine unit should have been more careful with the dog, and specifically should not have let the dog freely roam the department offices.

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