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Over-treatment causes further problems

Posted on June 11, 2010 3:43 am under Medical Malpractice

An Associated Press report has revealed that up to one-third of all medical tests or treatments are unnecessary procedures.

While many consider the boom in medical technology a clear sign that more is better, in the case of medical procedure, that may not be better. Some tests include small amounts of radiation and pharmaceutical aids to produce inconclusive results, which, in the process, may just be doing more damage to the patient’s body. In the case of MRIs or X-rays, even a small dose of radiation can build up with too many frequent scans.

Of all treatments, many are concerned about back pain treatment. While back aches are not, in general, supposed to be scanned prior to six months of continuous pain, some patients have reported a full set of pain-related tests shortly after only a month of pain. As well as too many tests and too quick of a treatment process, unnecessary back surgeries can press further injury onto patients who should have let time take its course. When a patient goes under the knife for back pain, it is not uncommon for future surgeries to become a necessary part of the upkeep process. One procedure may fail to work five years in the future, requiring more and more surgery as the years pass.

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