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Woman furious with hospital over misdiagnosis

Posted on April 13, 2012 9:06 am under Medical Malpractice

A woman in Argentina is furious with a hospital after she was told that her daughter was born stillborn. Her daughter was not dead at all, and is now being called a ‘miracle baby’ after she survived in a refrigerated morgue for more than 12 hours.

Now the mother wants answers, and has plans to sue the hospital, as well as individual doctors if she finds out that they had a foul hand in this misdiagnosis. The mother of four went into labor three months before her due date, and delivered a baby girl on April 3. Several doctors told her that her newborn daughter did not have a pulse, and was pronounced dead.

The baby was transported to the morgue in a casket. Twelve hours later, the couple entered the morgue in order to take a picture of their deceased daughter to show to relatives that did not make it to the hospital. They instead found a baby clinging to life inside the small casket. She was promptly taken to an intensive care unit of the hospital, and is currently in critical condition.

This horrible misdiagnosis has left the family of the newborn feeling angry and hopeful. They are extremely upset with the hospital for allowing such a large misdiagnosis to occur, and they are hopeful that their daughter is able to recover from this ordeal and live a healthy life.