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Understanding the dangers of airbags

Posted on November 13, 2014 9:25 am under Automotive Defects

Airbags are designed to absorb the speed of an occupant during extremely dangerous deceleration or car crash. This would prevent the occupant from hitting the car’s hard surfaces, such as the dashboard and the steering wheel, which would significantly decrease the likelihood of serious injuries and deaths.

However, a defectively designed airbag poses risks that can be equally devastating. Here are some of the risks most commonly associated with a faulty airbag:

  • Burns – Airbags deflate through a chemical reaction that produces hot nitrogen gas. A cracked airbag may lead to an explosion of hot air, which may cause burns
  • Chest injury – A defective bag’s “shotgun impact” may damage the face, the neck, the chest and the spine due to severe trauma
  • Injury caused by airbag dust and debris– A defective airbag that deployed may shoot dust that could damage the ears and the eyes. Explosion from ill-designed airbags may also fire debris from the steering wheel, inflicting injuries among occupants

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