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Stopping a car with malfunctioning brakes

Posted on November 14, 2014 2:34 pm under Automotive Defects

Brake failure can be the result of many different factors: driving fault, compressed air in the brake fluid, jammed brake pedal, among many others. In some circumstances, however, some manufacturers fall short in making sure that each of the brake system’s components has been manufactured and installed within safety standards, which may ultimately result in brake-related injuries and deaths.

When stopping a car with failed brakes, it is important to follow these steps:

  • Slow the car down by shifting to a lower gear
  • Turn on hazards
  • For cars equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), try holding and pressing the brakes to stop
  • Gently apply hand brake
  • Slowly move to the shoulder for safety
  • If you have to hit something, avoid hitting hard surfaces and people

Do not try any of these when faced with this emergency situation:

  • Repeatedly pump the brakes when the car is equipped with ABS, it might actually accelerate the car
  • Press the gas pedal
  • Suddenly pull the hand brake up, you might lose control of your car due to locked tires

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